1st May - Wolverhampton, UK
2nd May - Liverpool, UK
5th May - Brighton, UK
6th May - St Austell, UK
7th May - Leicester, UK
9th May - London, UK
10th May - Sheffield, UK
11th May - Cambridge, UK
12th May - Glasgow, UK
13th May - Edinburgh, UK
14th May - Newcastle, UK
15th May - Manchester, UK
22nd Jun - Organic Festival , USA
11th Jul - Tampa , USA
12th Jul - Miami, USA
04th Dec - Hollywood, USA
TOURS - 12th July 1996 - Miami - USA

Set List Contribution - Anthony Bryan
Picture Contribution - Anthony Bryan

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Set List
Intro ("The Space March" - John Barry), Out There Somewhere ?, Choice, Lush 3, The Girl With The Sun In Her Head, Dwr Budr, The Box, P.E.T.R.O.L, Satan, Halcyon, Forever, Chime and Impact
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