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LISTEN MONO (24kbps) - Modem users
(Broadcast is from 4pm to approx 7pm GMT on Sunday only).

Stream will be available from 2.45pm GMT (there will be just silence until 4pm)
LISTEN STEREO (96kbps) - ISDN / ADSL / Cable etc
Artists who have contributed to the Broadcasts
Loopz Internet Radio Broadcasts


his page will be active during the broadcast. It will show what streams are active and what is currently being played.

Viewing when the stream is down will give you weird or false information.

Mono Stream : 24 kbps
Current - 1 Max - 200 Peak - 1
Playing : Ambulance - tickle
Stereo Stream : 96 kbps
Current - 9 Max - 200 Peak - 10
Playing : Ambulance - tickle

Artist / Song Title

1 Arcade - Loopz dot co dot uk
2 Orbital - Impact (Live at Homelands)
3 Orbital - You Lot
4 Orbital - Spare Parts Express (Dublin)
5 Orbital - Dr Who (Live at Cream)
6 Orbital - The Box (Live @ Leeds)
7 Loopz - dj set (2 track UDO end)
8 Arcade - Loopz dot co dot uk
9 - Truth by Told (Orbital Mix)
10 Orbital - High Rise


Contacting the Radio Studio

Please use this email link to contact the Radio Studio

FTP details will be issued soon for sending mp3s in.

If you like what you hear then tell people about the broadcasts.
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