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e have a long list of people to thank for their time and effort. Without any of the artists we would be playing various mp3s like most Internet stations out there. So big thanks to whose who have contributed music as a dj set, live set or some studio work. Some have even contributed all three!

Please take some time out to visit the associated links and if you enjoyed their music then let them know about it!


Acid Junkies
(A3C0I3D Tracks / Djax-Up-Beats / Play It Loud)

Weblinks : Official Website
Contact: info@acidjunkies.com

Acid Junkies play live a lot, and this year they celebrate 10 years of live shows with a brandnew album release, due in the shops by september, and as tradition demands, ina special package witha special remix contest. This mix was recorded early 2003, but by now the live set has evolved already and contains a lot of new material. It always changes and because it is based on improvisation mainly, it is never the same, and always fun to perform...

Acid Junkies Live on stage
Acid Junkies is a dance act from The Netherlands. Live, they present themselves with a mix of solid techno music, played live and edited and enhanced with fragments of all kinds of dance music, spanning the last 20 years. From synthi-disco, via EBM towards house and techno.

On singles and albums, the band's music has gone through a comparable evolution: Having started with the purest acid house music from the USA as a source of inspiration, the Acid Junkies add more and more modern elements to their music over the years. As a result, an entirely new sound has come into existence, both technically and musically. The name of the band might be the only memory of their past, musically speaking the band already steps into the future.

Stefan Robbers: 303 sequencing, computer sequencing, arranging, hard disk recording and editing
The Acid Junkies started in 1992 as producer Stefan Robbers' solo project. It was his way of saying 'thanks' to all the originators from Chicago that injected such large doses of psychedelia into house music. The Part 1 EP on Eindhoven's famous Djax-Up-Beats label became an instant success and soon the Acid Junkies were a real band.

Harold de Kinderen:303 sequencing, computer operator and playing
The first Acid Junkie is Stefan Robbers, one of the main artists responsible for turning the city of Eindhoven from Philips Light Bulb City into Techno City through his records as Terrace, Florence and REC and of course through his own Eevo Lute Muzique label.

His partner in crime for this operation is Harold de Kinderen, who provided Stefan with the Roland TB 303 he used for the first Acid Junkies EP and who has been a full band member since that day. Harold used to be a DJ for a drive-in show and played drums in various local bands. These days the band is assisted occasionally by Ronald Spanjers, who has by now earned the nickname "third Acid Junkie". With Harold the Acid Junkies became a regular band, one that also performs on stage. Night after night they direct the crowd from behind their piles of analogue synthesizers on stage. The Acid Junkies can play an audience like one of their synths and can bring the biggest cynic into full-blown ecstasy.

Analogue equipment still rules! And so the Acid Junkies became known as one of the best live dance acts throughout the world, with one exception. In their native Holland they were virtually unknown until a couple of years ago, when finally the Dutch gave up their fascination with foreign techno and embraced the Acid Junkies. Since then, they do there what they have been doing all over the world: play. They have performed live shows at just about every major rave in Europe, like Germany¹s prestigious Mayday, as well as major Dutch festivals such as Noorderslag, Lowlands and Dance Valley. The band also conquered Chicago, where they shared the stage with their one-time heroes Roy Davis, Robert Armani and Woody McBride.

In the mean time a few more EPs and 2 albums saw the light of day (see discography). These releases are renowned for their added entertainment, in the form of cardboard TB303 construction kits, collector's stickers, connect-the-dots pictures, voting forms and other gimmicks. Needless to say the element of humour is a very important one in the band, a feature not unique, yet quite rare in the dance scene.

All of the music is recorded in Stefan Robbers' E-town Studio, which is in its third phase after remodelling and reconstruction. However, the band also records tracks direct from the PA system when a certain live atmosphere is required. They are even known to erect the entire stage setup in a hotel room on tour so they can work on new material.

In control during their live show: Concentration to the max...
Their third album EU (1998) is a bit of a surprise: electro, disco, chemical and even drum & bass are incorporated in the trademark Acid Junkies sound, a blend that works surprisingly well. Release number 303 on Djax-Up-Beats is a special one, on which they team up with Miss Djax herself for some fresh tracks.

Their next album Jackpot (1999) was completely digitally recorded in two stages: The first one was used by the band to concentrate on playing the instruments used as live as possible, the second one was a completely separate digital mixing and production sequence. De TB-303 plays a less important role on this release, more attention was put into the arrangements, percussion and melodies. The band wants to do more than pure acid songs, and are building a more all-round techno repertoire, starting with this album.

The first sign of this change presents itself in august 2001, when the band release a new single, called 'President Incident' on a newly formed German label called Acid Tracks. On one side of this record, 2 funky techno tracks with catchy samples appear, while on the other side they once again redefine the word acid in the music.

In November 2001 a new CD album, 'Live' was released. Forced by continuous demand from their fans, the Junkies delivered a live album. It contains a live recorded set from October 2000, taped at a venue in the band's home base Eindhoven, the Netherlands. For the album, this live set was completely edited and remixed. Furthermore, several additions were made in the form of new songs, which came into existence during sound checks for this concert. The Live album marks the end of an era for the band, after a long period of combining acid house and techno on a live stage. In 2002 the Acid Junkies present a completely new live set, with many DJ influences such as the use of fragments of records from the last 20 years, from old to new, combined with sampled song parts, live drum programming and electronic locked grooves.

28th September 2003

Repeat Live set : Acid Junkies (NL)
27th July 2003
Live : Acid Junkies (NL)

Set List

E-town blues
Painter struck by lightning
Control 24
We build for you
Artificial of course
Loan docket
No tv set required
Koud afbutsen
Acid wars the fusion menace
Machines from Hell

21st September 2003

DJ set : Arcade (UK)

Weblinks : Official Website

19th October 2003
DJ set : Ambidextrous (2nd dj set) (Russia)
12th October 2003

Live : Ambidextrous (2nd live set) (Russia)
13th July 2003
DJ set : Ambidextrous (Russia)

Title : Chillout Session #1
1. ps2099 - "shadows"
2. xela - "streetlevel"
3. manual - "blue skied an' clear"
4. machine drum - "easy rael (lacklusterrmx)
5. speedyj - "symmetry (xela mix)"
6. d'arcangelo - "chair theme"
7. ulruich schnauss - "wherever you are"
8. lexaunculpt - "has been trying not to"
9. funckarma - "kobalt"
10. solvent - "as the sun hits"
11. 2 lone swordsmen - "lali puna remix"
12. orbital - "are we here"
13. slowdive - "in mind (reload remix)"

6th July 2003
Live : Ambidextrous (Russia)
(Recorded @ Territoria in Moscow on 6th April 2003)

Set list

1. Euphoria
2. Yaman (Cold Reconstruction)
3. Goodbye Information
4. Smash
5. Mirrors
6. Bubble Enemy
7. Bass Recorder 3
8. Feathers
9. Buddha
10. Visotopia

(Beatservice / Touch / All Saints / Apollo / Down Town Recordings / Origo Sound / Thirsty Ear)
Weblinks : Official Website

5th October 2003

Repeat Dj set : Biosphere (Norway)
31st August 2003
DJ set : Biosphere (Norway)

WebLinks : Experimental Seafood website - Brum Creative
19th October 2003

DJ set : C_Alderaan (3rd dj set) (UK)
7th September 2003
Repeat DJ set: C_Alderaan (1st Dj Set) (UK)
6th July 2003
DJ set : C_Alderaan (2nd Dj Set) (UK)

set list
CAN: Spray
FAUST: Jennifer
FAUST: In the Spirit
SINC COLLECTIVE: Land of Confusion
SCORN: Twitcher
MOGWAI: Don't Cry
WATERJUICE: Pandora's Box
TECHNO ANIMAL: Interplanetary War Chant
ALDERAAN: Untitled ya Bollocks
YO LA TENGO: Our Way to fall
DUB DATE: Madman Moon
DAVID BYRNE: Teotihuacan
SQUAREPUSHER: Schizm Track #2 mix
TORTOISE: Today Retrieval (Autechre remix)
URCHIN: Snuffed Candles (Third Eye Foundation remix)
WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS: the Hipster Bebop Junkie
GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR: Skinny Fists like Antennas to Heaven
SKINNY PUPPY: Killing Game (Autechre Remix)

4th May 2003
DJ Set : C_Alderaan (UK) (Recorded @ FLUX in Birmingham on 18th April 2003)

Title : Pished Mix

Weblinks : Deviantart website
27th July 2003

DJ set : Capsaicin (USA)

Set list soon..

4th May 2003
DJ Set : Capsaicin (USA)

Title : capmix1

Set List :
DNTEL - Pillowcase
Plaid - Assault On Precinct Zero
Mouse On Mars - Dispothek
DNTEL - (This Is) The Dream Of Evan And Chan (Safety Scissors Spilled My Drink Mix)
Balil - Uland
Björk - It's In Our Hands
Telefon Tel Aviv - TTV (Slicker New Arrivals And Spit Up Mix)
Prefuse73 - Nightlight (feat. Miho Hatori)
The Orb - Plum Island
Orbital - The Tranquilizer
Black Dog Productions - Jauqq
Capsaicin - Red #03
Jega - Phalanx

Weblinks : Official website

1st June 2003

Music contribution : Cinephile (UK)

All tracks written by K.Inglis / S.Wallace
Vocals by S.Wallace.
Produced by K.Inglis

Full track listing to be confirmed

Weblinks : Experimental Seafood Records

1st June 2003

Live : Dep.Art.Ment (UK)

1. car crash
2. egret
3. plasticate
4. seisomo
5. salford quays (bangra mix)
6. forever waiting
7. kracking
8. death in the water
9. since i saw the sunrise
10. sound of sound

DJ Sludio
6th October 2003

Repeat DJ set : Dj Sludio (1st or 2nd dj set) (UK)
20th July 2003
DJ set : Dj Sludio (2nd Dj Set) (UK)

Set List:

Intro - Louise
1. Count Basic – Gotta Jazz (Richard Dorfmeister remix) – from The K&D Session - !K7
2. Ruby – Salt Water Fish (Peshay remix) – from Salt Peter Remixed - Creation
3. Eat Static – Follow That Camel - from In The Nude - Mesmobeat
4. Boards of Canada – 1969 – from Geogaddi - Warp
5. Bushwacka – V.O.A.T. – from Cellar Dwellas - Plank
6. Howie B – Duet – from Folk - Polydor
7. Prefuse 73 – Detchibe – from One Word Extinguisher - Warp
8. Plaid – Ti Bom – from Double Figure - Warp
9. Bill Nelson – Our Lady of Apparitions – from Optimism - Cocteau
10. Pressure Of Speech - XI Beats – from Art of The State – North South Records
11. Fila Brazillia – Lieut. Gingivitis Shit – from Luck Be a Wierdo Tonight, 23 Recordings
12. Gonzales – The Worst MC – from Uber Alles – Kitty-yo
Outro - Louise

25th May 2003
DJ Set : DJ Sludio (UK)

Intro - By Louise
1. Nightmares on Wax - Les Nuits (from Carboot Soul, Warp).
2. Meat Katie - It's Murder Out There (from Off The Bone, Kingsize).
3. Red Snapper - Dnipro (from Red Snapper, Lo Recordings).
4. UKO - Cometa (from Sincerely Yours, Klein).
5. Prefuse 73 - It Never Entered (from The '92 vs '02 Collection, Warp).
6. Minotaur Shock - Roman Answer (from Chiff Chaffs and Willow Warblers, Melodic).
7. Baby Mammoth - I'm Not Joking (from Best Foot Forward, Pork).
8. King of Woolworths - Kite Hill (from Ming Star, Mantra).
9. David Sylvian/Shree Maa - Praise (Pratah Smarami). (From Dead Bees On A Cake, Virgin).
10. Calm - Aesthetics of the Simple Chords (from Shadow of the Earth, Exceptional).
11. Rhythim Is Rhythim - Kao-Tic Harmony (from Abstractfunktheory compilation, Obsessive).
12. Fila Brazillia - Pots & Pans/New Chaos (from Old Codes New Chaos, Twentythree).
Outro - By Louise

Weblinks : Official Site

"Serial Human" c2003 - Merck Records www.m3rck.net
"Enveloped" c2002 - deFocus www.defocusrecords.co.uk

Buy Esem - "Serial Human (CD)" @ M3rck

Buy Esem - "IKAE (12)", "Enveloped (CD/LP)" and "Serial Human (CD)" @ Smallfish

*If you purchase anything then please mention the site/radio*

22nd June 2003

Live : Esem (Bulgaria) (Live@ Graifer in Sofia, Bulgaria)

Set list

1. kyeslve ("serial human", 2003);
2. untitled (unreleased);
3. scatterhaunted ("serial human", 2003);
4. nips (kahvi, 2001);
5. lunate recovery (unreleased, 2001);
6. untitled (unreleased);
7. tetaby ("enveloped", 2002);
8. untitled (unreleased);
9. outburst then flat (kahvi 2001 / "serial human", 2003);
a. tawn ("serial human", 2003)

Weblinks : Official Website
(Art-Tek / Pause 2 recordings / Isonauta / Delikatessen / Cheburec)

14th September 2003
Repeat Live set : EU (Russia)
10th August 2003
Live : EU (live)

Experimental Seafood Records
21st September 2003

Record Label Showcase : Experimental Seafood (UK)

Weblinks : Bump and Grind . Faskil Ep Promos
14th September 2003
DJ set : Faskil (3rd dj set) (Belgium)
18th May 2003
DJ Set : Faskil (Belgium)

Title : Badly Beveled Beats

Set List :
way out west : intensify (pmt remix)
john creamer & stephane k : i love you (hybrid remix)
madonna : die another day (dirty vegas dub)
spooky : belong (splinter mix)
orbital : illuminate (charlie may mix)
16b : 231
the crystal method : the name of the game (hybrid remix)
bt : never gonna come back down (hybrid electrotek mix)
alanis morissette : so pure (hybrid remix)
moby : bodyrock (hybrid bodyshock remix)
fc kahuna : machine says yes (josh wink's acid dub interpretation)
plump djs : move it with your mind
plump djs : scram
si futures : freestyle disco

4th May 2003
Music Showcase Contribution : Faskil (Belgium)

Faskil tracks played : - "the ap theory", "protean", "dar es", "psone" and "Orbital - The Box (Equilibrium Found Mix) Remix by Bump and Grind"

(City Centre Offices / Series 500 / Domino Recordings / Textile / Zvezda Records / Lo Recordings / Surgery Records / Toytronic / Merck)

Weblinks : Official Website

24th August 2003
Repeat Set : Fizzarum (live) (Russia)
11th May 2003
Live : Fizzarum (Russia) - Set titled "Deep Lake" (Recorded @ Gallery of Experemental Sound in St.Petersburg in Russia on 11th December 2001)

Recorded Busov Sergey.
Masterd by Dmitry Dubov. (Fizzarum)

Dmitry Dubov - computers, keyboards, samplers, digeridoo.
Albert Rasulis - keyboards, digiridoo.
Sergey Vassiliev - flute, digeridoo, voice.

Set list

Deep Lake
Tond 3
For Pete
Port Night
Spy Soul
Sleep C#Maj
Was not Long
Tond 7

WebLinks : Official Fizzarum Website

(City Centre Offices / SKAM / Meir / Lux Nigra / Neo Ouija)

Weblinks : City Centre Offices Website

3rd August 2003
Live : Geiom (UK)

Hermann and Kleine
(City Centre Offices)
Weblinks : Official Website

24th August 2003
Live set : Hermann and Kleine (Germany)
5th October 2003

Repeat Live set : Hermann and Kleine (Germany)

Email : contact
7th September 2003

Repeat DJ set : Hexaphim (Norway)
11th May 2003
DJ Set : Hexaphim (Norway)

Title : Dj Hexaphim plays some of his favorite song in the whole wide world

Set List :

Ugress - Spider-Man Theme
Orbital - Beelzebeat
Spooky - Relief
Unit - 1.4 Four
Orbitus III - It's A Halcyon Day
Plaid - Last Remembered Thing
Röyksopp - Remind Me (Someone Else's Club Mix)
Xploding Plastix - Funnybones & Lazylegs
Dead or Alive - You Spin Me Right Round
µ-Ziq - Hasty Boom Alert
Felix Da Housecat - What Does It Feel Like (Röyksopp Return The Sun Remix)
Soft Ballet - Believe In A Blue World (Orbital Remix)

Weblinks : Official Website

24th August 2003

DJ set : i/o (Australia)

3rd August 2003
Live : ID (UK)
(Live@ Mannstock - 27th July 2003)

Setlist :

Jamming general noise soundcheck thingymajig

Beutomness (Big Bass) - (ID)
Rap Da Funk - (Daft Punk, Grandmaster Flash, Cream, Backstreet Boys)
Wish I May (ID Remix) - (V.O.I.D.)
Oolaa - (Orbital)
What Time is Love - (KLF)
The Box - (Orbital)

Outro - Perfect Drug (NIN Remix) - NIN


Experimental Seafood Records
25th May 2003

Music contribution : K-Formation (UK)

K-Formation tracks played - "Caught in Two Minds", "Ask The Owls", "Scan the Area", "Get It To Harry" and "The Cardeologist"

(deFocus / Merck / Monotonik / Rikos Records / Zealectronic)
Official website

To buy Lackluster Cds/Vinyl please visit the following online stores:-
www.smallfish.co.uk (uk/international)
www.warp-net.com/mart (uk/international)
www.fe.org (us/international)
www.boomkat.com (uk/international)
www.skimo.com (us/international)

*If you purchase anything then please mention the site/radio*

31st August 2003
Live : Lackluster (live)
3rd August 2003
DJ set : Lackluster (Finland)

No set list...

22nd June 2003
Music contribution : Lackluster (Finland)

We played 5 popular tracks from the past. They were:-

starcell u.k. (container)
13/10/99 (misc/showcase)
bothersome (mother mix) (container)
07/10/99 (misc/showcase)
Thor's Magic Bathtub (Contrainer)

27th April 2003
Live : Lackluster (Finland) - Recorded at Technature / Domma-2 / Helsinki - Finland on 14th October 2000

01. space
02. 11/11/99
03. 31/10/99
04. starcell u.k.
05. 20333
06. dooba
07. shk2x
08. teramut
09. rumk8
10. 07/10/99
11. haloaw

Large Number (Ann Shenton)

Weblinks : Openminded - Brum Creative - Mp3.com - Zebox
8th June 2003

DJ Set : Loopz (UK) (2nd Set Recorded @ FLUX - 16th May 2003)

1st June 2003
DJ Set : Loopz (UK) (1st Set Recorded @ FLUX - 16th May 2003)

11th May 2003
DJ Set : Loopz (UK) (2nd Set Recorded @ FLUX in Birmingham on 18th April 2003)

Title : Fluxxed Mix

4th May 2003
DJ Set : Loopz (UK) (Recorded @ FLUX in Birmingham on 18th April 2003)

Title : Dark Set
Set List :

LFO - Millionaire Dogs
Scanner - Away Like A Shadow
Arovane - Levd-A
Gescom - Iss Sa
Loopz - Day Before
Higher Intelligence Agency - Lines In The Sand
Pemalas - Vodka Mainline
Justin Trousersnake - Like I Love You (Ochre Remix)

WebLinks : Quatermass . Email

15th June 2003

Music contribution : Mash'ta

Tracks played, with some background information from Mash'ta are shown below:-

1) Moduleveryinform (5.12):

This a remix from CHI2 I have done for a DVD concepted by the designers D-FUSE.

2)Refrunchina(5.38) :

This track appeared on the Quatermass sampler QUATERMIX.

3) Justamb3 (4.44):

4) Mod1vers4 (for Steve) (5.49)

5) Buddhistgroovemaster.

This track was made with sounds provided by Simon "Freeform" Pike while doing a trip in China and Vietnam. He recorded sources while traveling. Then went back home and recorded an album based on these sounds: "AUDIOTOURISM". Then he gave his sounds to other musicians who created new tracks. These sources and new tracks were released as "AUDIOTOURISM: REINTERPRETATIONS +SOURCES" feat. Bill Laswell, Autechre, Jan Jelinek, AtomTM... I was part of it. Both albums released on Quatermass.

18th May 2003
DJ Set : Faskil (Belgium)

Title : A (Very) Mash'ta Hour!

Set List :
"Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead" from "The Wizard of Oz" Soundtrack - 1939
Alias: "Angel of Solitude" from "The Other Side of the Looking Glass" - 2002
RZA: "Untitled #12 's -Free Jazz-" from "Ghost Dog" Soundtrack - 1999
Leftfield: "El Cid" from "Rhythm and Stealth" (Sony) - 1999
Chris Clark: "Slow Spines" from "Ceramics is the Bomb" E.P. (Warp) -
Bruce Haack: "Gastronomicplentyfication" from "Electric Lucifer Book 2" (Normal Rec.) - 1979
Add N to (X): "Pink Light" from "Loud Like Nature" (Mute) - 2002
Ken Nordine: "Ecru" from "Colors" - 1967
The Mindexpanders: "Love Syndrom" from "Electronic Toys 2" (Normal Rec.)
"Vampire Circus Dub" from "Tino's Breaks 6/ Halloween Dub" (Tino Corp.) - 2002
Adian Sherwood: "No Dog Jazz" from "Never Trust a Hippy" (Real World) - 2003
Vacuous Ninnies: "Can't Get Up" from Vacuous Ninnies (Quatermass) - 2003
(Very) Mash'ta "Reffrunchina" (from forthcoming album "If the Kick are United")
Biosphere: "Gravityassist" from "Shenzhou" (Touch) - 2002
Kraftwerk: "Kristallo" -1973
The Shamen: "Omega Amigo" from "En-Tact" (One Little Indian) 1990
Bob Crewe & Charles Fox: "The Sex Chamber" from "Barbarella" soundtrack (Harkit Ent.) -1968


Weblinks : Official Website

20th July 2003

Music contribution : Maus (USA)

Tracks played :

Contemplating New Moves
Flags Down
Really Now
Which Cat is on Drugs
Speed Gate Time

Weblinks : Official Site . Droning-On Records

22nd June 2003

DJ set : Monolab (UK)

Set List

brian eno-unfamilar wind.
passengers-plot 180.
4 hero-in da shadow.
add n to x-poker roll (remix).
autechre-kapol intro.
jean bach-furuftutas theme.
depeche mode-kid 606 remix.
ladytron-true mathmatics.
david morley-tilt.
to rococo rot-thelma.

Weblinks : Official Website

10th August 2003

DJ set : Object (Australia)

Official website
27th April 2003

Music contribution : Ochre (UK)
Tracks played : - "Children playing with Lego", "Untitled", "Untitled", "Ourcade" and "Bipolar Bear"

Weblinks : Official Website
31st August 2003

Music contribution : Offshore (USA)

Weblinks : Official Website
5th October 2003

Music Showcase : Orbital (Octane album score Preview)
7th September 2003
Exclusive Play - Orbital - "Initiation (Orbital remix)"
31st August 2003
First Play - Orbital - "Initiation (Orbital remix)"
3rd August 2003
First Play - Karl Bartos - "I'm the Message (Orbital remix)" (Germany/UK)

Weblinks : Brum Creative . Experimental Seafood Records

8th June 2003

Live : Pemalas (UK) (Live @ FLUX - 16th May 2003)

1 Tones
2 Gat
3 Vodkamainline
4 Pixel kids
5 ?
6 Crystaline fracture
7 Sosta
8 Missing some-fink

12th October 2003

DJ set : Plaid (UK)

(Posteverything / Bette / Sulphur Records / Sub Rosa /Earache)
Weblinks : Scanner

19th October 2003

Repeat live set : Scanner (UK)

Title : Electropollution mix.

3rd August 2003
Repeat Set : Scanner (live) (UK)

Title : Electropollution mix.

8th June 2003
Live : Scanner (UK)

Title : Electropollution mix.

"It's a suggestion of how a live Scanner show can develop, moving from abstract textures to intensely wired networked pulses and rhythms."

3rd August 2003
Music contribution : Schematix (UK)

(Suburbs of Hell / Sprawl / BiP HOp / A touch of class)
Weblinks : Official website

10th August 2003
Repeat Set : si-cut.db (live) (UK)

15th June 2003

Live : si-cut.db (UK)

Weblinks : Official website . Brum Creative
25th May 2003
Live : sol_dat (UK)

Set List :-

the fog
assault on precinct 13
they live
the thing
escape fron new york
prince of darkness

Weblinks : Official Website
Contact: info@eevolute.com

Stefan Robbers has earned considerable respect, both in the Netherlands and abroad, as one of the most versatile and productive musicians in the field of electronic dance music. His project Acid Junkies has released 4 albums and 5 singles (Djax-up-beats) and Stefan performs at parties and festivals all over the world. In addition, he’s been responsible for dozens of releases, evenly spread over a number of musical alter egos. His techno productions appeared under the names REC (Djax-upbeats) and Con Man (P.i.a.s.), while more melodic techno music was released under the aliases Terrace (Djax, Eevo Lute) and Florence. And since 1992 he has operated Eevo Lute Muzique, a record company specializing in abstract and modern electronic music in its broadest form. The label has brought forth over 30 releases during recent years. After a refreshing pause in the period 1998 to 2001 the label resumed its activities last year, with renewed energy and lots of good music on the way!

Stefan’s integrity and artistic qualities earned him a solid reputation in the techno community. Names like Armando (Chicago), Ron Trent (Chicago) Sven Vath (Frankfurt) and Speedy J (Rotterdam) asked him for remixes of their songs. Detroit’s own boy wonder Carl Craig entrusted Eevo Lute with his most delicate techno tracks. Robbers’ other projects include a concert with a 30-piece symphony Orchestra in Jyvaskyla (Finland), a multimedia live show
accompanied by video projections for the Tokyo based arts collective Ambient Web, Dutch National VPRO Televisions’ Moondive project and collaboration with a renowned Dutch theatre company for live music & acting performances.

To spread the word about his label and music, Stefan has developed an inspiring solo live set that he brings under his techno-alias Terrace. This varied musical performance kicks off in a melodic vein and gradually evolves into a total electronic dance music experience. Not only are his melodic Terrace recordings from past and present featured, the set also contains a selection of his best works under other aliases Florence and R.E.C and of course his Stefan Robbers releases on the UK-based Ifach label (owned and
operated by Baby Ford) and the 100% Pure label. The live set brings the audience an hour of energetic, funky electronic music. But that’s is not all: a huge selection of Eevo Lute tunes from past to present, as well as many tracks by likeminded artists and labels, are featured in a DJ-set which can be combined with the live set to create a 3 hour spectacle of electronic music: From Detroit to Eindhoven with a smile…

20th July 2003
Live : Terrace (NL)

(Eevo Lute Muzique / Djax-Up-Beats / GPR)


Interesting Times
Accent drop
Greenlegged south funk
2003 miles to go

the Overhope Organisation
Official website
6th October 2003

DJ set : the Overhope Organisation (3rd dj set) (UK)
15th June 2003
DJ set : the Overhope organisation (2nd Dj Set) (UK)

Title: Musique Concréte et quelque merde

1: Fire Number 9 - Meat Beat Manifesto
2: Revolution 9 - The Beatles
3: Paradise Found Meat Beat Manifesto
4: Mountain Goat - Amorphous Androgynous
5: Soul Catcher - Richard H Kirk
6: Midnight (Sasha Mix) - Orbital
7: Oolaa (MBM Mutation) - Orbital
8: Repulsion - Meat Beat Manifesto
9: God O.D. Part 4 - Meat Beat Manifesto
10: Re-Animator Part 2 - Meat Beat Manifesto
11: 007 - John Barry

27th April 2003
DJ Set : the Overhope organisation (UK)

Title : "The punters is confused"

Intro: Monty Python
Sweat Loaf: The Butthole Surfers
Cordialotron: Aphex Twin
(I'm) In Deep: Coldcut featuring Mark E Smith
Headhunter 1.0: Front 242
Cetch Da Monkey (Sonology Instrumental Mix): Atomic Babies
Ava (Nu Wage Mix): David Byrne
You Suck (Nasty XXX Version): Consolidated featuring The Yeastie Girls
Bikini Ski Boat: Jega
Metropolis: B12
New Age: LFO
Coma II (AM/OK): S'Express
An End of Sorts: The Future Sound of London
Avril 14th: Aphex Twin
Pappa Loves Mambo: Perry Como
Untold Stories: Meat Beat Manifesto

Weblinks : Official Website

13th July 2003

Live : Ugress (Norway)

Set List

1. Intro
2. Spiderman
3. Kaleidoscope
4. Decepticons
5. Swing E Sesso
6. Trigger 22
7. Reason to Believe
8. Loungemeister
9. Falling
10. Queen of Darkness
11. Jeffrey
12. Supermodel

6th July 2003
Music contribution : Ugress (Norway) - Music from "La passion de jeanne d'arc"

Tracks played:-

Judas Theme 05
Torture 02
A False Friend 02
Jeanne Theme 06

Ugress explains - "La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc is a silent movie from 1928. I wrote music and soundscape to the movie, and performed it live at two screenings with the local film club. The movie is about the last days of Jeanne during her trial and her execution, and it depicts her suffering and doubts during these days. Read more of the movie at IMDB"

"I was at first a bit sceptical to write music for a silent movie of 1928, but upon watching it I really found the movie intriguing and very visual. The director uses very modern camera angles, camera movement and frequent cutting - there is just as many cuts as any modern action movie. Also, despite being within very spartan courtrooms most of the time, it is a very visual movie, with great acting."

"The last year i've been writing more dark and cinematic music, and putting that behind Jeanne's suffering really worked out well. I sampled alot of classical music, and used it both as and together with electronic sounds. I wrote a couple of themes that are repeated and varied thruout the movie, and using a couple of laptops I performed the themes and a soundscape live to the movie. I am very interested in movie soundtracks and I think I would like to score movies - starting out with Jeanne where I could do exactly what I wanted was a great beginning. The next project is a french documentary on extreme sports - kinda the extreme opposite..."

28th September 2003

DJ set : u-ziq (UK)

14th September 2003
Music Showcase : Vim ("a half hour Vim showcase of sorts") (USA)

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