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MISC - Tribute to Sally Harding
Pictures : Sally Harding
Words : LOL / Drum Club
(3rd April 1968 - 10th December 1995)

"I have never forgotten the first time I saw Sally. It was Orbital's first headline gig at the Megadog night held in North London's Rocket venue in downtown Holloway Road. Strawberry red hair, a Cheshire Cat grin, and a stripy red-and-white bobble hat perched precairously upon her head. She came to symbolise everything we loved about the alternative dance scene. The gig was the start of something new, the beginnings of some sort of scene. This was the first time the Megadog posse had let a dance act headline one of their nights. Before this it had been the Magic Mushroom Band and the Ozrics - basically psychedelic rock. But now and for evermore it would be Dance, Dance, Dance."

"Sally would become a much-loved permanent fixture on the vibrant healthy kicking new scene. If us lot were the audio side of things - Orbital, The Aphex Twin, Spooky, Drum Club - the Sally was the visual side. Loved by all who knew her, she never had a bad word to say about anybody. She was truly unique in an industry as fickle as ours. We still can't believe she's not with us now - she was a beautiful person who radiated goodness, probably too beautiful for this fucked-up world. I'm sure she's up there now, hanging with Kurt, Sid, Marc and the rest of the party people having an absolute ball. Party on Sally."
The following images are taken from Sally's Photographic Memory - All photos were taken by Sally Harding.

Kirsty Hawkshaw (Opus III)

Richard D James (Aphex Twin)

Phil and Paul Hartnoll (Orbital)

Phil Holmberg (Schematix)

Sven Vath

Midi Circus: Drum Club , Orbital , Spooky and System 7
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