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Submitted by Various Forum posters (Updated - 20th June 2001)


Why cant i find the following Napster Mp3s in your discography ?

The majority of mp3s that i get asked about are not by Orbital - on 16th Feb 2001 we decided to ask the forum posters to msg any mp3s they had found on Napster that were Orbital fakes. The full list is below. This will be updated constantly:-

Orbital - "Clockwork Orange Theme (live)" (its the intro that is played when Orbital came onstage during the 1999/2000 tour but its not composed by Orbital)
Orbital - "Bladerunner"
Crystal Method - "Comin' Back (Orbital mix)"
Erasure - "Ship of fools (Orbital remix)" (its The Orb)
Orbital - "Confusion" (from the Blade soundtrack - its actually a remix of New Orders track)
Orbital - "Little Fluffy Clouds" (its The Orb)
Orbital - "Pacman" (By PowerPill aka Aphex Twin)
Orbital - "Pacman Theme (Techno Mix)" (By PowerPill aka Aphex Twin)
Orbital - "Blue Illision" (discussed in WHAT section)
Orbital - "Tunnel trance"
Orbital - "Journeys"
(discussed in WHAT section
The Orb - "A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules from the Centre of the Ultraworld (Orbital Mix)" (its The Orb)

Metallica - Fade to Black (Orbital Cover)
Pet Shop Boys - Track unknown (Orbital Remix)
Nine Inch Nails - Perfect Drug (Orbital Remix)
Orbital - The Seven Samurai(Photek Remix)
Orbital - Theme from Mission Impossible
Orbital - Techno Trip
Orbital - Oxygen (Most likely Jean Michelle Jarre)

Orbital - Construction Complete
Orbital - Construction Destroy


Submitted by Richard Jessop (Updated - 17th Feb 2001)


Why wont Orbital release Dr Who?

Orbital should definitely release their Dr Who theme as it is awesome. Dr. Who for many Sci-Fi fanatics is a milestone and as Orbital saw fit to perform this live, for other fans it should be released for their enjoyment. Why is this theme not featured on any of the live gigs on the site? Both gigs I attended it was played.

Orbital requested that I edit out the Dr Who theme from the Brixton online gig. They want Dr Who to be a "live thing" and i can only agree that in a live environment you will get the full effect whereas over the internet or via a bootleg there would be no justice. Orbital will release a version of Dr Who on the new album "The Altogether" - this will be released on April 16th 2001.

Submitted by Kel

Why are they called Orbital ?

The name ORBITAL was taken from the busy ringroad motorway M25 that is situated around London. The road which is currently called M25 is also known as the London Orbital.
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