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If you would like to submit a question then please send it to the following email address - If there are any spelling mistakes or any other problems then please inform me via email.

Submitted by Dave Fletecher

How can i buy the Loopz Magazine ?

The Loopz magazine is no longer created and unless my lifestyle changes i dont think it will ever emerge again. There will be some old issue copies available this space.

Submitted by Gary Stonk

Can i buy back issues ?

No back issues are for sale as yet. There will be only Issue 3 onwards available when I get around to locating them. This was due to a disk crash where all the source was lost. Issue 1 and Issue 2.1/2.2 are gone forever(stop press...issue 2.1/2.2 have been found elsewhere...more on that as it happens). Watch this space...
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