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Submitted by Yusef Q (added - 24th August 2000)

What remixes have Orbital done?


For a full list of remixes with samples, sleeve pictures and additional information - visit the DISCOGRAPHY subsection - REMIXES.

Submitted by Mikko Martikainen (added - 23rd July 2000)

What is the track Journeys (A and B) ? Its labelled on the MP3 as Orbital - but is it Paul and Phil ?


Journeys is a very long track which is all the making of an Orbital track BUT it is not by Paul and Phil of the Uk group Orbital. If i remember - the track had a trance element to it.

Submitted by Jacob Myers (added - 23rd July 2000)

What did RZA (Wu-Tang) produce for Orbital ? I read it somewhere online. He was talking about how he did something for Bjork and im sure he said Orbital

RZA has never produced anything for Orbital.

Submitted by Carl Andreson (added - 23rd July 2000)

What is the story behind the remixes on the collective title "Aubrey Mixes" ?

The tracks are called:-
Little Fluffy Clouds (Cumulonimbus Mix)
Backside Of the Moon (Underwater Deep Space)
Spanish Castles In Space (Castles Goa Mix)
Outlands (Fountains Of Elisha Mix)

They are by the group The Orb NOT Orbital.

Submitted by Kel (updated - 19th Jan 2000)

What is the story behind "Dwr Budr" ?

"Dwr Budr" is welsh for "Dirty Water". In February 1996 a massive oil tanker called The Sea Empress (pictured below) crashed into the rocks off the South West coast of Wales. As the ship was slowly ripped apart, 72,000 tons of oil leaked into the sea and polluted more than 100km of coastline. Birds and many other animals/wildlife died due to the oil spill. When Paul/Phil wrote the track they were inspired by the scenes and thought that one track sounded like the evil pollution that spread itself across the Welsh coast.
For more information on the environmental impact of the Sea Empress oil spill please visit this website :-
(Thanx to Liz Degnen for the website link).

The Sea Empress

Submitted by Derek Edmond (updated - 17th Jan 2000)

What is the track that was played at the Edinburgh Flux Festival '99 and the Edinburgh Hogmanay Party 99/00. It features a samples by Bon Jovi and Belinda Carlisle.
Is it on your site?

The track is called Halcyon and the samples are only used on the live version of the track. You can listen to the track if you go to the Audio(Live) section and click on Part 2 of the Brixton Gig. It is the second track after An Fhomhair.

Submitted by Keith Kennedy (updated - 17th Jan 2000)

What is the background on "An Fhomhair"

I am depending on my poor memory to reply to this one. I remember Paul mentioning that Pooka, the vocalists on An Fhomhair, named the track by writing the word Autumn on the tape/cd that they sent Orbital. The track name was slightly renamed before the album went to press. An Fhomhair is gaelic for Autumn.

Submitted by Matt Wiecha (updated - 10th Nov 1999)

What is the "Blue Illusion" track? There is a song called "Blue Illusion" by a group called Orbital. Is it the SAME Orbital as in Paul and Phil Hartnoll.

No ... its definatly not an ORBITAL release and Phil and Paul never wrote it. Someone else is using the Orbital name it appears. Ive listened to the track and if i remember correctly it was very upbeat.
A visitor to the site was kind enough to send me an email with more information on this question. MobileOak stated "The actual song is from a compilation called "Behind the Eye" and it is Volume 2 in the series. The song is actually done by Stevie Be Zet".
The track can be found on a compilation album released by the German based EyeQ record label (established by Sven Vath, Heinz Roth and Matthias Hoffman). The compilation is called Behind the Eye Vol II
and the track Stevie Be Zet - "Blue Illusion (Flat Horizon Mix) (7.45)" is the 10th track on the CD.

Submitted by Mark Wald (added - 26th Nov 1999)

What is this track called ?
During the Glastonbury session, Orbital performed a track with a Dr Who sample - do you know what the track is called and if it's ever been recorded - if so what name it's under?

Submitted by Matako (added - 26th Nov 1999)

Do Orbital have any plans to release their excellent new live version of Chime "remix 99" theme?
The track is called "Theme from Dr Who" or "Dr Who". A similar version will appear on the new album called "The Altogether"

Submitted by A Few Peoplel

What gear has Orbital used in the past and what are they using today?
What equipment do Orbital use to create their music ?

Like most groups...they upgrade their equipment or buy new pieces of equipment, so this list will change over the years. For the new album, "Middle of Nowhere" they used the following items :-

List created by Paul Hartnoll 03rd January 1999


Kawai K5000R, Nord Rack, Korg Z1, Roland JP8000, Roland SH 101, Roland SH 09, Yamaha DX 7 Mark 2, Stylophone, Supernova (Novation) and Virus.

Drum Machines
909, 808 and Trinity workstation for drums (Korg).

M5000, Esoniq DP/4, Alesis Quadraverb, Joe Meek Compressor, Dbx Compressor and Lexicon LX P1.

Mixing Desk
2 Yamaha OSZ


Power PC 6100/66, G3 (this was replaced by the Power PC 6100/66 half way through the album), Power Book 3400c, Recycle Package, Logic Audio, Audio Werks Card and E4 Turbo Sampler.

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