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The misc section contains other Orbital material and promotional items that didn't quite fit in the other sections. Its a good place to look if you are looking for an item that you expected to be elsewhere.

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Back To Mine - Orbital

2002 - Uk Release - DMC Publishing Ltd
Catalogue BackCD10 - CD - 19 Tracks

Orbital appear on the Back to Mine series and chose 19 tracks they enjoy to listen to. Contains the Exclusive track "Ska'd For Life (Instrumental Mix)"

B-Sides - Orbital

2002 - USA Release - FFRR
Catalogue 75678 34862 - CD - 12 Tracks

1. Satan (Live in New York City) 2. Funny Break (Weekend Ravers Mix) 3. Bigpipe Style 4. Much Ado About Nothing Left 5. An Fhomhair 6. Mock Tudor 7. New Style 8. Beelzebeat 9. Nothing Left Out 10. Old Style 11. Doctor Look Out 12. Monorail

The House Sound of London - VOL .IV

1988 - UK Release - FFRR / London
Catalogue INT 828 107-1 - LP - 16 Tracks
Catalogue INT 828 107-2 - CD - 16 Tracks
Catalogue INT 828 107-4 - MC - 16 Tracks

Contains 2 tracks by Paul Hartnoll under the name of D.S. Building Contractors. Tracks are labelled as "One for the Burglar" and "Depth Charge"

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