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The compilation section contains albums that feature one or more Orbital tracks. Ive tried to narrow the list to show unique tracks or one off versions of a certain track. There are a vast amount of compilations which feature Orbital so we have decided to list the details on ONE page instead of seperate pages for each compilation.

If you know of any compilation albums that feature Orbital and would like to contribute then send FULL details to me via email.

If there are any spelling mistakes or any other corrections then please inform me via email.

Aural Playground - Track 11 - Orbital - "Equinox"

1998 - Us Release - Neurodisc Records
Catalogue P2 5005 - 1 CD - 14 Tracks

Contains the first workings of "Times Fly" written for the Equinox documentary program on Electronic Music. "Equinox" is very similar to the final release of "Times Fly" but does contain the unique "Equinox" sample from the programs title sequence.

Complete Dubnology - Track 13 - Meat Beat Manifesto - "Mindstream (Mind the Bend the Mind - Orbital Mix)"

Nov 24th 1998 - Us Release - Cleopatra
Catalogue 390- CD - 44 Tracks

Orbital - Chime (Friends of Matthew)

October 1991 - UK Release - DMC Limited
Catalogue DMC 105/2- Vinyl

Side 1 Track 2 - Orbital - Chime (Remixed by Friends of Matthew) 5.00

BPM : 128

Exclusive Alternatives - Track 1 - "Open Mind"

Mar 18th 1997 - Us Release - Cleopatra
Catalogue 9948 - CD - 15 Tracks

We are sure that this will contain the remix version of "Open Mind" as opposed to the original. If you have this compilation then please email me to confirm this :)

FFRR Classics - CD1 - Track 11 - "Chime (Original Edit)"
FFRR Classics - CD2 - Track 12 - "Belfast (Original Mix)"

1998 - UK Release - London Records
Catalogue 556 064 2 - 3 CD - 47 Tracks

Contains Orbitals "Belfast (Original Mix)" and "Chime (Original Edit)". Both tracks can be found elsewhere.

A treble CD release featuring some real classic tracks from 1988 to 1998. This release was to celbrate the 10 year birthday of FFRR.

FFRR : Gold on Black - Track 4- "Chime (The Helium Mix) "

1990 - UK Release - FFRR
Catalogue 828 207 2 (CD) - 828 207 4 (MC) - 828 207 1 (LP)
10 Tracks

Contains the Helium Mix of "Chime". This was remixed by Orbital for the 1990 Gold on Black FFRR compilation album. The CD inlay contains a paragraph written by John McCready of The Face - "Gold on Black is the sound of British clubland and British clubland has never been so mixed up, so contradictory, so gloriousy confused.

Foundations : Coming up from the Street - CD1 - Track 1 - "The Tranquilizer Busy Tranquilising"

1991? - UK Release - Big Issue / Sony Music
Catalogue FCL002CD - 2 CD - 24 Tracks

Contains Orbitals "The Tranquilizer Busy Tranquilising". This is alternative version of "The Tranquilizer" and cannot be found anywhere else.

Give Peace A Dance 3 - Psychotic Reactions - CD1 - Track 1- "Pied Piper - Kinetic (Orbital Remix)"
CD1 - Track 2- "Open Mind (f.a.mix) "

1992 - UK Release - CND Communications
Catalogue DISARM5 CD (2CD) - 24 Tracks

Contains the Orbital remix of Pied Pipers (also known as Golden Girls) - "Kinetic" and Orbitals reworked version of "Open Mind". The "Open Mind" track is labelled as the "f.a.mix" which is the same mix which appears on the funky alternatives album - hence the name "f.a.mix".

"Kinetic" and "Open Mind (f.a.mix) are two seperate tracks but gel together as one.

Give Peace A Dance - A CND Compilation CD2 - Track 3 - "The Shamen - "Hear Me Oh My People (Orbital Mix)""

1991 - UK Release - CND
Catalogue DISARM 2/CD (2CD) - 29 Tracks

Contains the Orbital remix of The Shamen's "Hear Me Oh My People". This remix can be found on various other releases. For more details on this remix please click here.

All profits and royalties from this compilation are given to CND.

Guerilla Beats - Track 2- "Drum Club - "Alchemy (Orbital Phasers on Stun Mixin Stun Mix) (5.41)""

1998 - US Release - Guerilla
Catalogue Cleopatra 196 (2CD) - 23 Tracks

Contains the Orbital remix of The Drum Club's "Alchemy". The mix is named slightly different to the original release and we havent clarified if this is the same mix as the original. If you know then please get in touch via email.

Help - Track 5- "Adnan"

1995 - UK Release - Go! Discs Limited
Catalogue 828 682 2 (CD) - 20 Tracks

Contains Orbitals "Adnan". This was the short and original version of "Adnans" and yes it is officially called "Adnan". The track was written for the charity album called Help and features many artists from many musical fields. Total playing time of "Adnan" is only 3 minutes and 42 Seconds.

Insert reads "On September 4th 1995 some of the best bands and musicians in Britain entered studios all over Europe. Their intention was that by the end of the day they would have recorded a track for this album, with the aim of raising money for and focusing, attention on, the children caught up in the was in former Yugoslavia. At the time of writing the artists lending their support for the project are Blue, Boo Radleys, The Charlatans, THe Chemical Brothers, Neneh Cherry, Brian Eno, Noel Gallagher, The Levellers, The Manic Street Preachers, Portishead, Radiohead, Suede, Stone Roses, Terrorvision, Paul Weller and Andrew Weatherall (with apologies to others still to be confirmed). This album is a result of everyones help. The full track listing is still unknown at the time of writing so open it up, put it on and play loud.

MTV's AMP - "Orbital - "The Box""

May 5th 1997 - US Release
Catalogue Caroline 7550 (CD/CS)

Contains the Orbital track "The Box"

RoadKill 1.01

19?? - US Release
Catalogue None (LP)

Contains the Orbital track "Chime(5.34)". Production notes states "Using the Joey Beltram version, Mark borrowed some drum tracks from Bizarre Inc. and created a mix you can getin and out or without breaking a sweat. This is a nice atmospheric track with enough intensity to keep your dancefloor moving."

Sally's Photographic Memory- CD1 - Track 8 - "The Girl With The Sun In Her Head (Live)"

1996 - UK Release - Shelter / Volume
Catalogue SAL CD001 (2CD) - 20 Tracks

Large size box with book of Sally Harding photographs featuring various artists she was friends with or/and has worked with.

Contains the Live version of "The Girl With The Sun In Her Head" from Leeds Sound City 1996. This cannot be found anywhere else.

The double CD album is dedicated to Sally Harding who sadly passed away on the 10th December 1995. The compilation features Higher Intelligence Agency, Spooky, Drum Club, Schematix, Pressure of Speech, Ultramarine and Banco De Gaia to name a few. A brilliant compilation...

Sasha - "Global Underground : Ibiza" - Track 9 - "Orbital - "Nothing Left""

Sep 21st 1999 - CD Release
Cataloge Thrive 90514 (CD)

Contains the Orbital track "Nothing Left"

Shopping - Track 17 - "Crash and Carry"

1994 - UK Release - London Records
Catalogue 828 502 2 (CD) - 20 Tracks

Contains Orbitals "Crash and Carry" and is identical to the version that appears on "Snivilisation".

Orbital composed/donated a couple of tracks to the Channel 4 film - "Shopping" in 1994. The film used "Halcyon", "Crash and Carry" but decided against "Quality Seconds". "Crash and Carry" was originally titled as "The Meet" purely because the track was played during a meetup of the gang at some form of warehouse party.

BUY - Shopping Video . BUY - Shopping Soundtrack

Slinky - Tech-Nique - Track 36 - "Orbital - "Nothing Left" (6.16)"

2000 - CD Release
Cataloge Slinky Music 02 (CD)

Contains the Orbital track "Nothing Left"

Spawn Soundtrack - Track 3 - "Satan" *

1997 - US Release - Sony Records
Catalogue 556 064 2 (CD) - 14Tracks

* Known as "Satan Spawn"

Contains Orbitals collaboration with Kirk Hammett to produce a more heavier "Satan". This was released stateside as a single. Click here for more information on this.

The track was used as the main title to the film "Spawn". The album features other collaborations including Prodigy and Tom Morello, Mansun and 808 State, Henry Rollins and Goldie and many more.

BUY - Spawn CD Soundtrack
BUY - Spawn Vinyl Soundtrack
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Survival - Track 4 - "Choice" *

1993 - UK Release - Guerilla Records
Catalogue GRCD 008 (CD) - 11 Tracks

* Track is really "Choice (Eye and I Remix)"

Contains Orbitals remix of Choice which can also be found on the Choice / Midnight Ep. The listing is incorrect on the cd box - it states that it is "Choice" with no remix name.

Survival 2000 - Track 5 - "Impact (The Earth is Burning) (Live)"

1994 - UK Release - The Total Record Company
Catalogue TRIBE CD1 (CD) - 11 Tracks

Contains the live version of "Impact - The Earth is Burning" from Glastonbury 1994.

Survival 2000 is dedicated to raising money and awareness for Survival International, the worldwide movement to support tribal people.

The Best of EMF - EMF - "Its You (13 1/2 % Extra Mix) ORBITAL MIX"

Jul 3 2001 - EMI
Catalogue 533543

Contains Orbitals remix of EMF's "Its You". This can also be found on the general release EMF single "Its You".

The Chemical Box Vol 1 - Track 5 - "Equinox"

1997 - US Release - Neurodisc / Priority Records
Catalogue PS 53514 / 0 49925 35142 2 (CD) - 12 Tracks

Contains the first workings of "Times Fly" written for the Equinox documentary program on Electronic Music. "Equinox" is very similar to the final release of "Times Fly" but does contain the unique "Equinox" sample from the programs title sequence.

The Fire This Time - Track 5 - Orbital - "The Box (Remixed by Bump N Grind)"

2002 - UK Release - Hidden Art Recordings
Catalogue HI-ART11- 2 CD - 26 Tracks

Deconstructing the Gulf War - a permanent record of the fate of Iraq and a guide to the language of mass media propaganda. Cd1 contains various musicians contributing previously unreleased material with narration from Grant Wakefield. CD2 contains the music on its own. The remix was the winner of the Loopz remix competition in 1998.

BUY - The Fire This Time

Bump and Grind website : The Fire This Time website

The Serious Road Trip - CD3 - Track 1- "Remind (Live at Glastonbury)" *

1994 - UK Release - Melody Maker / MCA / Orbit
Catalogue MCD III95 (3CD) - 20 Tracks

* Track is really "Impact" and the beginning of "Remind"

Contains "Impact - The Earth is Burning (Live at Glastonbury 1994)" and the beginning of "Remind (Live at Glastonbury 1994)". This version of "Impact" can be found elsewhere but the Glastonbury 1994 version of "Remind" cannot be found elsewhere.

The third CD contains the Orbital tracks and is mislabelled as just "Remind (Live at Glastonbury)" but as stated previously contains both "Impact - The Earth is Burning" and the beginning of "Remind" in one track.

Trance Europe Express - Track 1 - "Semi:Detached"

September 1993 - UK Release - Volume
Catalogue TEXX CD1 (2CD) - 2 CDs - 24 Tracks - 192 Page booklet

Contains the non-Peel version of "Semi-Detached" - a massive 9 minutes and 31 seconds long.

UK Tribal Gathering 95 - CD1 - Track 1 - "Are We Here? (Who Are They?)"

1995 - UK Release - London Records
Catalogue 828 452-2 (2CD) - 17 Tracks

Contains "Are We Here? (Who Are They?" which can also be found on the Ep of "Are We Here?".

Released to celebrate Tribal Gathering 1995 held on the 6th May 1995 at Otmoor Park in Beckley, Oxfordshire in England.

Wipeout - Track 4 - "P.E.T.R.O.L"

1995 - UK Release - Sony Music Entertainment
Catalogue SONY TV 6 CD (CD) - 12 Tracks

Contains the original, slightly longer and slightly different version of "P.E.T.R.O.L". Only worth purchasing if you a big Orbital collector.

"P.E.T.R.O.L" was used in the space age futuristic Wipeout computer game.

Wipeout XL - Track 13 - "P.E.T.R.O.L"

1996 - US Release - Astralwerks/Virgin
Catalogue 6189 (CD/LP) - 14 Tracks

Contains the track "P.E.T.R.O.L" (5.49 version).

"P.E.T.R.O.L" was used in the space age futuristic Wipeout computer game.

XXX- CD 1 - Track 10- "Technologicque Park"

2002 - US Release - Universal
Catalogue 314583865-2 (2CD) - 20 Tracks

Orbital were invited to star in the action packed film, XXX. They are seen playing "Technologicque Park" live in a club scene in the city of Prague.

"Technologicque Park" was originally called "Technologisky Park" (named after the club in Prague) and is only available on this release.

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