Public Enemy news! :)

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Public Enemy news! :)

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From Playlouder:

PlayLouder SPEAKS to Chuck D!
29 Mar 2005

Official and certified legends Public Enemy are to release a whole shedload of special and ace stuff - so we called up ol'Chuck D and asked him all about it.

First up, there's to be two new Public Enemy studio albums released within a matter of months - 'New Whirl Odor', which Chuck describes as "a Public Enemy look at the world," to be followed by the catchily titled 'How You Sell Soul To A Souless People Who Sold Their Soul?', which Mistachuck calls "a Public Enemy look at self" following in September.

This new material will be preceded by 'It Takes A Nation: The First London Invasion 1987', a DVD / CD document of Public Enemy's first UK shows at London's Hammersmith's Odeon in November 1987. The DVD will also feature a commentary by Chuck D, plus a bonus audio CD of rare remixes.

And there's more... A live album 'World Tour Sessions' featuring the best of PE live 1987-2004 will also drop in May, while later in the summer it will be followed by 'MKLVFKWR' - a triple disc, behind-the-scenes look at 2003's Revolverlution tour which includes an audio CD recorded live in Melbourne. Def Jam / Universal will release two 'Best Of' music and video collections 'Power To The People And The Beats' and 'Power To The People And The Videos'.

And there's still more... DAMN! 2006 will see the release of remastered, deluxe editions of PE classics, a long with more videos, documentaries, and such things.

It all concludes in 2007, with 'Public Enemy Number One' a box set of singles, out-takes, unreleased material, live tracks, remixes and 5-7 new songs assembled by the original Bomb Squad. This will coincide with the 20th anniversary of the release of Public Enemy's debut album 'Yo! Bum Rush The Show'.

"The most important aspect of all is we've started a Public Enemy archive series," Mistachuck explains. "I've spent the last three years strengthening various distribution avenues to present PE's different aura to the world of music retail. It's all about saying 'why shouldn't something happen with hip-hop that deals with past, present and future?' instead of just saying 'well, it's all incumbent upon us doing something now.' When it comes down to it it's not just about supporting the future, PE are an important part of the foundations of hip-hop and we're glad to see that's been recognised.

"It's an interesting venture," he says "I'm a musicologist, so if anybody says to me 'PE are the Led Zeppelin of hip-hop' I'm like 'OK, cool' because they're recognising PE's place in the history of hip-hop and there's a respect there. Because it's specific to itself, the curating and caretaking of the catalogue is essential to the meaning of the band and the brand just as if it was a rock act.

"From the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and CSN to Iron Maiden the past and the legacy is forever upheld. We plan to do the same with PE and create a standard for many to follow thus making the logo, the band and the brand the Rolling Stones of rap until our Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame nomination 2012!"

Grahame Bent

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