Emmet - New Remix Album Available For Free Download

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Emmet - New Remix Album Available For Free Download

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Even though we’re still beavering away in the studio (translates as must get our lary arses into gear) there’s no need to go short of Emmet stuff as we’re bringing you our third free album release for 2005.

‘Version’ is a collection of remixes of popular Emmet tracks. Here’s a full tracklisting..


1. Felicity Bangg – Ian Round Remix
2. Love Arpeggio – OG’s Reboot Remix
3. This Is The One – Disko Ticklerz ‘The Dirty One’ Remix
4. This Is The One – Disko Ticklerz ‘The Clean One’ Remix
5. Felicity Bangg – Plasmastorm’s Futurism Remix
6. Love Arpeggio – Chocolate Chip Remix
7. Felicity Bangg – Big Kiv Remix
8. 123 – Rattic Remix

Something for everyone. To listen to a montage of the tracks click here

http://diffusion.sanffo.co.uk/~diffusio ... review.mp3

to download the album in full and more other gubbins free gratis get to http://www.emmetonline.co.uk :D

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