19th Jul - Phoenix Festival, UK
02nd Jul - Virginia Beach, USA
Tribal Gathering
TOURS - 1997 - Tribal Gathering - UK

Review Contribution #1 - Peter Limmer
Review Contribution #2 - Hywel Maslen

  Review #1
Someone must have something to say about this. It was fuckin wicked. 
  Review #2
Was at the tribal gathering gig in 1997. Was a good gig having seen them earlier tha year in Leicester. Place was rammed. Didnt manage to get too near the front as a result. However, from the back the tent only, the lads technical ability to use the various speaker stacks to pan the channels around made the music sound almost out of time. The tent was so huge, the biggest ive ever seen, the sound was bouncing about and echoing about. Mangaged to haul meself to the middle and I can only agree with Peter Limmer!. 
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