March 5 Loopz-Music radio?

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March 5 Loopz-Music radio?

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I listened to the March 5th Loopz stream after reading about it on the Traktor forums and I liked what you played a lot. There was a lot of electronic music that I've never heard anything like. Is there a list of the songs that played posted somewhere, and is the rest of the show available for download? I'll be listening again. Thank you.
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Hello & welcome to you Maricopa.

Hang around these forums for a bit & you'll hear about lots of artists like those you heard on that broadcast.

I did the mixes for both parts of that broadcast so I've put links to download them in my signature (right click & choose 'save as'). SlightlyOutOf Place Mix is the first half of the broadcast & ManyTurtle Mix is the second half.

Here's the set lists.

SlightlyOutOf Place - Loopz Radio Mix Set List (part 1)
1. Wauvenfold - Slightlyoutofocus
2. Mr Projectile - Pug Times
3. Endorphins - Mammon
4. Kiki - Run With Me
5. Orbital - The Girl With The Sun In Her Head
6. Ochre - REM Sleep Research
7. Esem - Dispehrse
8. Isan - Phoeb
9. Proem - Take Your Pants Off
10. Xploding Plastix - The Cave In Proper
11. Bliss - Soon Enough
12. Ulrich Schnauss - In All The Wrong Place

ManyTurtle set list (part 2)
1. Plaid - Manyme
2. Fizzarum - Microphorus
3. Clif Martinez - First Sleep
4. Boom Bip - From Left to Right
5. Mr. Projectile - I Am Back
6. Autechre - Milk DX
7. Boards Of Canada - A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
8. Arovane - Cry Osaka Cry
9. Smyglyssna - Hintergedanke
10. HIA - Elapse
11. Semble - Forest Tiles
12. Ochre - Mobile Foes
13. Brothemstates - Adozenaday
14. Ulrich Schnauss - Crazy For You
15. The Alpha Conspiracy - Persistence Of Memory
16. The Chemical Brothers - Where Do I Begin
17. Korpi Ensemble - Rely (Lackluster Mix)
18. Pilote - Turtle (Bonobo Mix)

Thanks for your interest! It's always good to have some feedback, positive or not. Keep listening we'll have something new for you soon. Come back & let us know what you think of that one too.

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this is a fucking dope set to be sure.
but i must ask, are there plans for a new one?
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Post by Loopz »

We are looking for contributors :)

but we have plenty of new sets being set up at the moment. keep listening in.
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