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Posted: Sat Nov 05, 2022 2:17 am
by TheWolf
Hi all,
I’m new and found my way here after I realised that there were stems of an Orbital remix comp once available.

I thought I’d ask here regarding a full/extended versions of Beelzedub beyond the live shows. Over the years I’ve done my share of editing or tracking down various Orbital tracks (Including a very faithful Lush 3, Wonky and some extensive work on the Peel Session)

The holy grail has always been Beelzedub, there’s not enough to work with to get it there and while I love the studio version, I can’t find a full cut of the intro, it’s not on vinyl and obviously the even better KEXP version exists only on YouTube or as a fairly lossy rip from the video. Anyone have any knowledge of other versions apart from the Danny Briottet remix?