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Post by superkev77 »

I've been a fan of Orbital for decades and have always seen them as often as I can, especially just before they break up and re-unit every few years.
I'm just a bit gutted that Kinetic is just a re-hash of Frenetic, I know they have done this sort of thing before (Beeledub) but having been away for 5 years I had hoped for something new to come back with.
No real reason for me joining loopz and posting this, other than my slight frustration and the fact I see my Orbital friends less and less these days we get older.
Hopefully there'll be a new album and tour this year. I know they are doing a few festivals, but nothing beat the Brixton Academy with a few classics thrown in.
I suppose I just be grateful for the hope that a possible new album might bring.
There I feel a lot better now!
Have a good day :D
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Question: Orbital
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Re: Kinetic

Post by Kyblik »

Kinetic 2017 is not exactly rehash of Frenetic, as Frenetic is not a rehash of the original Orbital mix of The Golden Gilrs's (The Pied Piper's) Kinetic, way back from 1992 or so. this new Kinetic is re-remix of the original old remix of Kinetic :)
and dont be in any way frustrated, Orbital are back which matters most now, Orbital have new material coming, i hope for a new album (i myself want the new album sounding as In Sides mixed with Snivilisation but with Brown Album atmosphere) in the second half of the year and they will play new tracks on those, only three yet, annouced gigs, to see how they sound. i also hope for new tour, but its just too early to have too high expectations. i dont travel much, seen Orbital only 10 times, 6 times from those were in Brixton and i really expect them to play there again so i could visit London (and my sister) again, and of course if they will play in my country, i will be extremely happy :) time will tell and welcome to the forums! :)
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