Dead Mexico Orbital Special

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Dead Mexico Orbital Special

Post by TheDeadMexican »

Just did an Orbital Special on my radio show for FutureMusic.FM. If anyone fancies a listen it's now on mixcloud ... remusicfm/

Orbital - Chime Crime [FFRR]
Orbital - Halycyon + On + ON [Internal]
Orbital - The Box (untitled version) [Internal]
Orbital - I Don't Know You People [FFRR]
Orbital - Beelzedub [ACP Recordings]
Orbital - Don't Stop Me [ACP Recordings]
Orbital - Last Thing [FFRR]
Orbital - Funny Break - (One is Enough) (Weekend Ravers Mix) [FFRR]
Orbital - Beelzebeat [FFRR]
Orbital - Sad But New [Internal]
Orbital - Time Becomes [Internal]
Orbital - P.E.T.R.O.L. [Internal]
Orbital - You Lot [Orbital Music]
Orbital - Choice [FFRR]
Orbital - Impact (Live from Royal Albert Hall) [Rhino Records]
Orbital - Frenetic [FFRR]
Orbital - Are We Here [Internal]
Orbital - Belfast / Wasted (Vocal Mix) [Volume]
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Re: Dead Mexico Orbital Special

Post by legspin »

Saw that. It was very good, with quite a few surprises in the list.
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