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If Green Day and Abba can do it...

Posted: Sat Oct 25, 2014 10:51 am
by legspin
To be honest, I found this to be the most intriguing bit of the interview Paul gave on 6Music the other day.

Paul said he's working on a couple of musicals. This piqued my interest for a number of reasons.

Is he working on music for a script already written or is this his own thing with the words to be written yet?

I've worked on quite a few of them over the years and I find that the music is usually execrable. So I have often wondered if electronica would translate into a decent show. A dance based show? Kind of unavoidable given the nature of the beast but with a libretto and bad acting? This may be a bit more difficult.

Also, I'm not sure that the sort of folk that would be interested in Paul's oeuvre would be terribly interested in going to a show of his and be made sit down for it's entirety.

Like the title of the thread says though.