How many times have you seen Orbital?

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Re: How many times have you seen Orbital?

Post by Analogueboy70 »

Well the first time for me would have been at possibly their first appearance at Brixton Academy. It was the first Megadog all nighter I went to, I know that much & I reckon it must have been late 92 or early 93.
I then went to all of the Brixton all nighters and new years eve shows that Megadog put on until they stopped doing them around 95/96. My memories are bad (and no surprisingly enough I never did drugs).
I do remember meeting them both at one of their proper Orbital shows at Brixton Academy, where they had the central scaffolding in place. The Higher Intelligence Agency supported them on that show, possibly 94. I also attended the 94 Albert hall show.
All the Universe gatherings they appeared at, then the Tribal Gathering events they attended including the Kraftwerk show.
Went to see them at the amazing Quart festival at Kristiansand Norway
They appeared a couple of times at the V Festival in Chelmsford
The last time I saw them was in 1999 at the Brixton Academy.
Not sure I would have the energy to keep up with those all nighters anymore.
Should have booked time off work to see them at Cambridge as I'm now in Bury St Edmunds.

Those Megadog all nighters were absolutely phenomenal & will never ever forget the first time I heard Impact played. Incredible memories.

In all during the 90's I must have seen them around 16-17 times.

Would be nice to see a list of dates they played over the years, maybe that could be archived one-way or another on these forums, unless it has already been done!

All the best!
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Re: How many times have you seen Orbital?

Post by roorback »

roorback wrote:Never ... Tuesday will be the first time. 8)
Best 90 minutes of my life. I almost cried when I realised that I won't see them again anytime soon.
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Re: How many times have you seen Orbital?

Post by e-terno »

Shame on me to have missed this whole forum til now... Cheers to all fans ;)

I have seen them twice now, both gigs were in Holland.

Lowlands-festival 1999 (had my first E during that gig, will never forget that experience :) Quite 'life-changing' to be honest...
Melkweg, Amsterdam 2012 (this time sober, but the whole experience was just as intense as then).

Love the new stuff by the way, but needed some spins to grow.
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Re: How many times have you seen Orbital?

Post by Dog »

Still can't be arsed to sit down and go through all the dates, but it's definitely 30 or 31. Most vivid memories are Glasto '94 & '95, Royal Albert Hall in '96, NYE '96, Hammersmith in '00, MTV2 Hackney in '01, Dance Valley in '01, Electron Fesitval at Lycabettus in Athens September '01, the November UK mini-tour in '01 (missed the first Brixton date because I had a cold picked up from doing Portsmouth, Birmingham, Exeter and Brighton the days before) and the Brixton allnighter at the end of that week was just mental... Then there was Dublin in '01 (I think)... All I remember is getting off a plane at Heathrow on Christmas Eve, having seen Orbital the night before and then heading into work looking like I'd done 12 rounds with Mike Tyson.

Maida Vale in 2004 was pretty special as that was the last gig before the split, plus I know I was at Glastonbury in 2004, with a little excursion to Brixton on the Friday, then there was also the rather enjoyable Oxegen in 2004 too with one of the most up for it crowds I've ever been in at an Orbital gig. Big Chill 2009 was nice and I saw them again at the Freeze Festival at Battersea Power Station at the end of 2009 too. Now that was a really amazing version of 'Chime/Crime' that night that almost took my head off.

There have been other gigs along the way, more at Brixton, Wolverhampton over the years and many more, but those are the highlights that stick out in my head as being the most memorable, alongside the likes of Brighton and the Royal Albert Hall this year, particularly the 'secret' gig in Brighton where the sound was just immense.

I think what's made the gigs even more special since 2001 is meeting a bunch of complete nutters who I've shared these experiences with, trekked off to other countries with, laughed with, partied with, danced with and just had an amazing time with.
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