Orbital T-shirts

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Re: Orbital T-shirts

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Lasers8oclock wrote:My favourite tee is a yellow shirt with black/grey Orbital squiggle on the front. It's really fragile now though - only for special occasions! I quite like the 20th anniversary tee too, the back print with dates on it is cool.

The ULTIMATE shirt is the football team they sponsored years ago with the oval logo on the front. Met a guy wearing one at Brixton during the Middle of Nowhere tour. Does anyone know the team they sponsored?
The team were the Otford Colts... Rare occasion was when pretty much the entire 'team' were in a row at the '86 Albert Hall gig. I remember looking down and seeing them all there. Sid included, only I didn't know him at the time.

I believe Sid's shirt has 'shrunk' a little over the years ;)

My favourite tee is the circa '96 burgundy longsleeve with the green/yellow embroidered logo on the left of the chest. That and the 2001 black hoodie with the logo in puggy black printing. Really subtle. I've also got a blue terylene cotton short sleeved tee with ringed neck/sleeves and a blue/white embroidered logo, which I *think* might have been part of a promo package for 'The Saint'...

Actually, I've got bloody loads of stuff :D
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