The stream is about to flow once more

The Loopz Internet Radio forum was launched a week before the Loopz Internet Radio weekly broadcast. It was used by listeners of the radio broadcasts to discuss anything to do with this service.

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The stream is about to flow once more

Post by Loopz »

Got both servers up and running again so we may throw a few random broadcasts. Not a regular thing but something there for those who need some new tunes or classics. We will also repeat some sets that broadcast on the Loopz Net Radio and also broadcast some new ones we got in after the close of the station :)
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Post by stargurl »

Excellent news!
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Post by DaWeeze »

My life has meaning again! :D

Well done, old bean!
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Re: The stream is about to flow once more

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Loopz wrote:The stream is about to flow once more
stick a plaster on it :P

good news 8)
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