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Post by usernick »

Me neither (Customs) - in fact, nothing I've ever bought from HMV Japan has presented me with Customs charges... And I buy quite a lot from there! :shock:
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Post by stargurl »

Yeah, I wasn't exactly impressed.
First they didn't leave a slip, so I had no idea that the parcel was even in the country, then we had to drive out to their depot, and then I had to pay €24! According to what I've found online, that's the standard fee for Taxipost to clear something through customs (even though I apparently didn't owe anything!).

Note to self: never order anything from outside the EU again.
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Post by hippy dave »

mine arrived today :D

in a huge envelope.
padded envelope, but apparently not padded enough... the cd case was pretty fucked. i found a replacement case for it, and emailed hmv japan saying that i couldn't be arsed to send it back to them but they may want to improve their packaging...
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