Long Range gig on virtual world Second Life!

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Long Range gig on virtual world Second Life!

Post by Loopz »

Bizarre this! I tried Second Life virtual world a few months ago and i remember LittleTwinStar did as well! Its on the News page as well but please read on....

In a continuation of the high live production values established by Orbital, the Long Range show @ Cargo features amazing visuals by the subversive http://www.c6.org and lighting and sound by members of the former Orbital crew.

The gig will also be taking place in the currently much talked about virtual world Second Life.

The concert will take place on a 16-acre island, designed specially for this unique online event. Music and video will be streamed live from the bandÅfs performance at Cargo London. Tickets for the online event can be secured exclusively at:

Tickets are free by the way! So if anyone does attend this online and has the ability to record what they experience then please post it on here!
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Post by Willsy »

What an amazing concept!
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Post by TripleOx »

So what happened at the concert?

I was there. Said there was connection problems to the studio. Then the event kept crashing. Concert area looked real good an all!
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Post by Timbob »

is any taping done anywhere? :oops:
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Post by altogether »

I was really excited about being at the Long Range gig in Second Life. What a shame that there were technical problems. I was all dressed up too.

Hopefully the boys will either stream another event, that works, or provide a link to watch the concert. I really wanted to hear 'Madness and me' played live. Such a shame!
Aubrey Fry
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Post by Aubrey Fry »

Just to clear up some facts about the Long Range in Second Life gig on the 20th of December 2006. It was a complete success, there where some problems for some people with pore connections or high contention ratios. The gig was a complete success and over 800 people heard Long Range streaming for an hour into second life. Watch out for the next musical experience in second life, brought to you by Long Range. Visit, http://www.longrange.tv or http://www.myspace.com/longrangemusic for more updates on Long Range gigs in second life.
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