Bounty bug

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Bounty bug

Post by DaWeeze »

Been meaning to hit on this for a while...

SELECT amount FROM bounty WHERE status=0 and target='15'
Table 'loopz.bounty' doesn't exist
Call Stack:
1: db_query() called from /usr/www/virtual/loopz/ ... bounty.php on line 47
2: rndbounty_runevent() called from /usr/www/virtual/loopz/ on line 1090
3: module_do_event("SELECT amount FROM bounty...") called from /usr/www/virtual/loopz/ on line 1059
4: module_events("forest", "forest.php?") called from /usr/www/virtual/loopz/ on line 60

The bounty is announced in the news, but that above is what I get out in the field.

Oh, and hello again! I am still playing. :D
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