Lackluster: Lexicon of Goods (now on Bandcamp)

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Lackluster: Lexicon of Goods (now on Bandcamp)

Post by esaruoho »

hi, my new record Lexicon of Goods is now on Bandcamp.


02.Beep Terrace
03.Calming Presence
05.Ender 2
06.Falling All Over The Place
09.Purple Rooms
10.So There Spherical
11.Urban Sprawls

How does one make a resounding career statement in 2014, to establish it over their two decades of previously released music? Does one go for an obscure minimalist affair, a concept album based on the inherently wonderful sounds of a metallic bucket, a piece of cardboard and a lead pencil? A simple best-of?

Nope, if you’re Esa Ruoho a.k.a. Lackluster, you’ve gone for a wide spectrum covering everything from barely beatless late-night sensuality ("Purple Rooms") to hobbling, beats held-together with pieces of gum and bubblewrap, with massive doses of melodic layers ("Falling All Over The Place”, “Urban Sprawls").. Then you trail it all at the end with skittery skattery drum’n’bass ("So There Spherical") and pure ambience laced with electric interference ("Calming Presence”).

Much like a sonic dictionary, this album, unlike any other previously released, thoroughly covers the various moods and modes of Lackluster.

The sources of inspiration for these tracks range from the -45 Celsius to various historical computers, to Free Energy inventors and researchers, nutrition and health, human energy and, fashionably late to the party, mr. mysticism.

As regards the artwork, the human being is like a typewriter, which the
world - or the universe - plays, and the instrument resonates the chord
onwards and outwards.

“This is an entire Lexicon of your work, I hear so much.” said Dj Konvndrvm
aka John Hammond, the label boss of JellyFish Frequency Recordings upon
hearing “Lexicon of Goods” for the first time.
To fit in with the title of the album, the tracks are in alphabetical order.

1. Basketface (05:23)
2. Beep Terrace (02:50)
3. Calming Presence (09:57)
4. CombiA13 (07:11)
5. Ender 2 (02:00)
6. Falling All Over The place (06:04)
7. Flaccidity (04:26)
8. Fraasit (08:47)
9. Purple Rooms (05:38)
10. So There Spherical (04:08)
11. Urban Sprawls (05:19)
12. Windup (04:23)

Cities involved: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Dublin, Ireland. Shoreditch, London, United Kingdom. Kontula, Helsinki, Finland.

Welcome to the language of Lackluster. Here is your “Lexicon of Goods”.

released 16 December 2014
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