Blue Dot: Mind blowing

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Blue Dot: Mind blowing

Post by Heywood Jablomie »

Still recovering from that performance. What a way to make a comeback, Forbidden Fruit was special but this was another level.

Loopz, I know you are a busy man, but please, please, please ask the powers that be to make the stream available. I know a few fans who couldn't watch it last night but have to see last nights' performance.

I'd pay good money for a proper release, I'm sure others would too.

And with the clues from the banter on stage and the interview with Manchester Evening News, it looks like there's another gig coming soon, anyone know any more?

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Re: Blue Dot: Mind blowing

Post by Loopz »

Hopefully you will have seen the announcement about Manchester and London :)

I have the full stream but i think their is talk of putting some key clips out on the internet for everyone to watch. Hopefully once things have calmed down, i may be able to convince management etc. to allow me to put it online. Takes time sometimes... but i will have it on my radar.

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Re: Blue Dot: Mind blowing

Post by MindRubber »

In case anyone missed it, you can watch the bluedot video on twitch here:

The mp3 recordings from December are great, although I'd recommend the London one over Manchester as they seem to have rushed the release of that one and made a bit of a mess of the editing (duplicate track, wonky/phuk not separated etc)

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