Florida's electronic music scene - DJs/Performers wanted!

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Florida's electronic music scene - DJs/Performers wanted!

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Hey all,

New to this forum but I've been in the scene for years, used to be heavily involved with various listservs and mailing lists but dropped out for awhile to concentrate on my business, which is the Euphoria Project, Inc.

I've been a tremendous fan of groups like Orbital, Future Sound of London, Meat Beat Manifesto, The Orb, Hybrid, Psykosonik, Faithless, Way Out West, etc for many years, and avidly work to cultivate the appreciation of modern electronic music throughout my local region, which is the state of Florida, specifically the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area. The Euphoria Project is responsible for throwing many innovative events in and around the South Florida area, and we're planning on branching out into other areas (starting with Tampa and Orlando) towards the beginning of 2006.

This crew, production company and entity known as the Euphoria Project works extremely hard to help keep hope alive within our scene, and steadily attempts to recreate a singular oldschool vibe at our parties. At present, we throw about two events a month, and work with every single promoter, production company, DJ, producer, Live PA and music fan we can possibly find, in attempts to create stronger ties between the disparate elements of our scene, thereby creating stronger unity in our community :)

We are ALWAYS on the lookout for new, up & coming DJs and performance artists, although our advance budget is NOT sufficient to bring in performers from outside of our immediate area, we are ALWAYS up for granting excellent timeslots to ANY performer willing to cover their own expenses, in exchange for a fair percentage of the evening's final profits. With that arrangement, we have brought in dozens of performers from all over the country, giving them solid exposure at mid-sized events (300-600 people) throughout our area. We have also formed many lasting ties with promoters all over the country, and steadily work to form new ties with any interested individuals or businesses.

Anyone interested in helping to improve our scene, please feel free to drop me a line - (e-mail mwaas@euphoriaproject.org), or visit our website at http://www.EuphoriaProject.org/ ... I can always be contacted via AOL Instant Messenger (screen name Euph954) or on MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/mitchwaas

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For people who are into electronic music within Florida state, we've created a wide array of resources to help improve our scene (and have included several other excellent resources to help you along this path as well):

MySpace Groups - strongly active, and steadily growing in size:

Euphoria Project (Florida Raves) - 858 members
Euphoria Project - Crew Only - 139 members
Florida Breaks & Electro - 1,846 members
Florida DanceSafe - 171 members
Florida Goa & PsyTrance - 97 members

YahooGroups Mailing Lists - still somewhat active, but slowing with each new year:

Broward Electronic - 257 members
EuphoriaEvents - 220 members
Florida Breaks & Electro - 321 members
Florida Downtempo - 89 members
Florida Goa & PsyTrance - 33 members
Florida Gravers (Gothic Ravers) - 31 members
Florida Music Promoters - 511 members

Websites - recommended resources for our scene:

Electro Alliance
Euphoria Project, Inc.
Florida Breaks (currently offline)
Florida IDM
Florida Rave Forums Database
Florida Raves
No Haters BBS


A final footnote:

Some cynical, jaded individuals occasionally misconstrue the reasons we do these things for our scene. We're not (even remotely) in it for the money, we're not in it for fame or recognition, or popularity or acceptance. We're here because, over the years we've seen the electronic music community rise and fall, wax and wane in popularity with alarming regularity. Our opinion is that true UNITY is needed in order for this scene to succeed. Putting aside petty differences like drama, jealousy, scene politics, financial and ideological differences in order to collectively better our scene is a MUST!

Our aim is to bring forth a new renaissance for the Florida state electronic music scene, as we feel that this community has not even REMOTELY approached its true potential. Our hope is that by providing assistance to our local scene, other promoters in other areas will follow our example, and begin providing inspiration for their local areas as well. Eventually, these small steps could provide a cumulative effect on the scene as a whole, and potentially begin to effect the entire world as well. This is the Euphoria Project. Thanks for your support. :)



Mitch =O )

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